Benjamin Pritchard - Director of Photography
Benjamin Pritchard - Director of Photography
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Benjamin Pritchard – Director of Photography – driven by a passion for light, composition and people and drawing on a wealth of knowledge garnered from years of experience in the features and commercial industries of London, the last seven years has seen Pritchard shooting documentaries through out the Middle East, Africa and Asia exploring fresh visual dynamics in response to diverse cultural expressions. His third documentary feature, Nearby Sky, dir. Nujoom Alghanem, following the UAE’s only Bedouin female camel trainer winning best non-fiction film at the Dubai International Film Festival 2014.

Having returned to a London base in 2014 Pritchard has been busy re-engaging with both dramatic and commercial content. The last two years spent shooting two dramatic feature films; "The Ghoul” staring Tom Meeten, Alice Lowe and Paul Kaye and “The Chamber” staring Johannes Kuhnke and Charlotte Salt. Both these productions are due to complete post production in the Summer of 2016. Benjamin continues to work both in the UK and UAE having just completed a second documentary feature film with Nujoom Alghanem called "Honey, Rain and Dust".